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Wisconsin Briefs

The library provides public access to the WI Supreme Court and Court of Appeals briefs and appendices. For more information, see our FAQs.

  • Includes briefs for all cases ordered published or unpublished, starting with the first case heard in each court (1839 for the WI Supreme Court; 1978 for the WI Court of Appeals).
  • Briefs for cases that have been summarily disposed or otherwise terminated are not retained. Contact the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for briefs for these cases.

Finding Briefs

  1. Search Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Case Access
    Look under the Case History page to find information about briefs filed and whether the briefs have been received at the Library and to find docket information for cases from 1993 forward. Use the Document Search tab or the Case History page of an individual case for briefs efiled after July 1, 2009 and cases beginning with 318 Wis.2d (July 2009). The library can provide access to appendices through our Order a Document service.

  2. Find the briefs online
    Beginning with 173 Wis.2d (November 1992) through 317 Wis.2d (June 2009), search the UW Law Library website. A small collection of Supreme Court briefs is also available online through the Supreme Court's Case of the Month Project.

  3. Locate briefs in the library
    For briefs that predate or postdate the online collection, you must come to the State Law Library or request copies via Order a Document. Our physical collection is for library use only.

Briefs Online

  • Wisconsin Court System's WSCCA provides access to select briefs filed after July 1, 2009
  • The library is currently adding scanned briefs to WSCCA from 318 Wis.2d forward
  • Briefs from cases 173 Wis.2d (November 1992) through 317 Wis.2d (June 2009) are available on the UW Law Library website
  • If you are unable to locate the briefs you need, please contact our Reference Staff

Briefs in the Library

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