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A variety of legal forms and packets are available through our three libraries. To request a form, follow the purchase instructions for each library. Forms may only be obtained by mail or in person; they cannot be emailed or faxed.

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Wisconsin State Law Library

The following forms may be purchased from the Wisconsin State Law Library. In addition, librarians can help you locate sample forms contained in various legal practice manuals. Please note that sample forms are typically not fill-in-the-blank style. Library staff does not provide help in filling out forms.

Form Cost Without Tax Cost With Tax
Estate Planning & Probate    
Wisconsin Basic Will $15.00 $15.83
Wisconsin Basic Will with Trust $15.00 $15.83
Residential Lease (Form 19) $4.00 $4.22
Tenant Inspection/Acceptance (Form 993) $3.00 $3.17
28-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 327) $3.00 $3.17
14-day Notice to Correct Breach (Form 767) $3.00 $3.17
14-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 768) $3.00 $3.17
5-day Notice to Correct Breach (Form 330) $3.00 $3.17
5-day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent (Form 328) $3.00 $3.17
5-day Notice to Vacate - Nuisance (Form 329) $3.00 $3.17

To purchase any of the above forms, please:

  1. Calculate the total cost of the forms you want. Wisconsin residents and non-tax-exempt businesses must pay cost plus tax. A $3.00 handling fee is added to each mailed request.
  2. Choose a payment method:
    • Credit Card
      • Credit card payments are accepted by phone (800-322-9755) or in person. (Minimum $3)Visa and MasterCard accepted
    • Check, Cash or Money Order
      • Do not send cash in the mail.
      • Mail your payment, the form name(s), and your mailing address to:

        Wisconsin State Law Library
        Attn: Document Delivery Service
        P.O. Box 7881
        Madison, WI 53707-7881

        Check or money orders are payable to Wisconsin State Law Library. Be sure to include an extra $3.00 handling fee with your request.

Milwaukee County Law Library

The following forms are available at the Milwaukee County Law Library (MCLL) or by mail. Prices listed below are for forms purchased in person at the MCLL. Phone the MCLL at: 414-278-4900 if you would like to have a form mailed to you. Prepayment, including an additional $3.00 handling charge, is required for mail delivery.

Judicial Appeal of Administrative Agencies $0.60
Judicial Appeal of LIRC Decisions $1.60
Chapter 128 Amortization ("Bankruptcy")  
Chapter 128 Amortization $1.00
Confidential Petition Addendum $0.20
Contempt Motion $1.00
De Novo (Injunction or Family) $1.00
Divorce - With Minor Children - Filing Separately $17.00
Divorce - With Minor Children - Filing Jointly $12.00
Divorce - No Minor Children - Filing Separately $13.00
Divorce - No Minor Children - Filing Jointly $9.00
Enlarging Time for Service $1.00
Modification Motion $1.00
Stipulation $1.00
Landlord / Tenant  
Eviction $1.00
Name Change  
Name Change $1.00
Small Claims  
Small Claims Summons and Complaint $1.00
All other forms $0.20 / page

*Prices include sales tax.


Dane County Law Library

Nearly all pre-printed Dane County court forms available from DCLL are also available to download from the Dane County Clerk of Courts website.

Popular Forms

Criminal / Traffic  
Ignition Interlock Exemption $1.00
Not Guilty Plea / Jury Request $0.50
Estate Planning & Probate  
WI Basic Will $15.00
WI Basic Will with Trust $15.00
Notice of Intent to Remove Children $0.50
Notice of Motion / Motion to Change packet $3.00
Petition to Amend a Vital Record $0.50
Stipulation and Order to Amend Judgment $1.00
Landlord / Tenant  
Residential Lease (Form 19) $4.00
28-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 327) $3.00
14-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 768) $3.00
5-day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent (Form 328) $3.00
5-day Notice to Vacate - Nuisance (Form 329) $3.00
Small Claims  
Affidavit of Non-Military Service $0.50
Summons & Complaint $0.50

View a list of forms available at DCLL

To purchase these forms, please stop in and pay in person or mail payment for forms plus a $3.00 handling fee with your request to DCLL at 215 South Hamilton St.–Room L1007, Madison, WI 53703. We accept personal checks with a valid photo ID, money orders, or cash. We do not accept credit cards.

In addition to these forms and the forms online, DCLL has many sample forms for legal or court actions for which there is no official form. Library staff can help you locate a form for your needs, but cannot help you fill it out.

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