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  • Child Support
    (715) 349-2555
    Services to help you establish or enforce child support, set up income withholding, intercept income tax refunds, get liens against property, collect child support from a parent living in another state, and establish paternity. Child support lien docket.
  • Clerk of Court
    (715) 349-2147
    Court forms; court records for civil, criminal, family, traffic and ordinance cases; civil judgment and lien docket; pay fees online; jury information. Small claims information concerning docketing and reopening judgments.
  • Corporation Counsel
    (715) 349-2168
  • County Clerk
    (715) 349-2173
    Marriage licenses, elections and voter registration, and county government records
  • District Attorney
    (715) 349-2167
  • Family Court Commissioner
    (715) 485-3118
  • Register in Probate
    (715) 349-2177
    Adoptions, civil commitments, estates and trust, guardianship and probate
  • Register of Deeds
    (715) 349-2183
    Birth, marriage and death records; real estate records; termination of decedent's property interest; and register firm names
  • Sheriff's Department
    (715) 349-2121
    County law enforcement; operation of the county jail; execution or service of legal documents including restraining orders, evictions, repossessions, and foreclosure sales; execution of criminal warrants

Legal Assistance Organizations

  • Aging and Disability Resource Center Directory
  • Burnett County Victim/Witness Assistance Program
    (715) 349-2164. Provides assistance, support and notification services to crime victims and witnesses in exercising their rights throughout the prosecution of criminal and juvenile cases.
  • Community Referral Agency
    (800) 261-7233. Provides advocacy and services for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Judicare
    (800) 472-1638
    Legal assistance for low-income individuals. Handles cases involving bankruptcy, social security and SSI, family law, health, housing, income maintenance, wills, and Indian law.
  • Northern Wisconsin Legal Advice Project
    Website providing brief legal advice to low-income residents of the 10th Judicial District.
  • Volunteer Legal Advocates and Court Watch
    (715) 825-4414
    Assists individuals to obtain TRO/Injunctions and attend court proceedings in domestic and sexual abuse cases

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