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Federal Law

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United States Supreme Court

Federal Courts

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Federal Government News

Research Resources

  • America.gov
    • Link to federal government sites by branch of government
    • Locate laws & treaties, statistical information, and overviews of U.S. government & its political system
    • Access information about American society, arts & culture, U.S. symbols, education in the U.S., economy & trade, civil rights, and geography & travel
  • Census Bureau
    • Population, business, and economic statistical information
    • Data is available for a variety of geographical areas and designations
    • Features American FactFinder, a database that compiles a variety of censuses and surveys.
  • FindLaw
    • Link to federal government websites by branch of government, agency, board, commission & organization
    • Browse the Legal Subjects index
    • Read the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers & Articles of Confederation or research the lives of the founding fathers in the Constitutional Law Center
  • FDSys
    • Access official federal government publications & information
    • Keyword search across multiple database resources such as congressional bills, directories, documents, reports; history of bills; public & private laws; the Congressional Record; Federal Register; U.S. Government Manual; U.S. Code; and more
    • Access core documents that define the U.S. democracy
    • Find federal depository libraries or purchase federal government publications through the online bookstore
  • Legal Information Institute
    • Locate federal government documents & websites
    • Search & view full-text, hyperlinked versions of the U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence & Uniform Commercial Code
    • Use LII’s Eye on the Courts to read high profile appellate decisions and commentary on the decisions
  • Thomas (Library of Congress)
    • Online source of federal legislative history
    • Search for the text of current &  past Congressional session's bills by
      •  bill number, keyword, subject, stage in the legislative process, date of introduction, or committee
      • browsing bill summary & status
    • Access public laws by public law number
    • Locate committee reports, roll call votes, and the schedules of the House & Senate
    • Search the Congressional Record
  • USA.gov
    • Official U.S. Government gateway
    • Keyword search over 51 million federal and state web pages
    • Access laws & regulations, federal forms, statistics, federal publications, searchable databases, FOIA information, federal agency news & press releases, national libraries, and directory information & national atlas/maps in the Reference Center
    • View Frequently Asked Questions of the U.S. Government by topic or agency
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