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Drunk Driving

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  • Alcohol Impaired Driving (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)
    Includes state-by-state listing of laws
  • Driving Impaired: Resource Guide (National Center for State Courts)
    Featured links, general resources, cellular phones, drugs and alcohol, enforcement, fatigue, model drug DUI courts, prevention, telematics.
  • DUI Cases (FindLaw)
    Information about the stages of the DUI case, including arrest, booking & bail, arraignment, plea bargain, preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, trial, sentencing, appeals, expungement.
  • DUI Overview (FindLaw)
    Information on DUI/DWI, including state laws & penalties.
  • DUI/DWI (Lawyers.com)
  • How Breathalyzers Work (How Stuff Works)
  • Impaired Driving (Drugs & Alcohol) Safety Program (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
    Resources aimed at diminishing the number of impaired driving incidents. Includes statistics, research and promotional materials.
  • Q & A: Alcohol Deterrence & Enforcement (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

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