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Politics & Elections

Get ready for the November election! Go to our section on Voting to get guides and more information on recent voter ID law changes.

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  • Election and Campaign Laws & Procedures (National Conference of State Legislatures)
    Laws & information about absentee ballots, automatic recount, state voter ID requirements, voter registration, etc.
  • Election Law (Moritz College of Law)
    Includes topical and state-by-state coverage of election issues.
  • Oaths of Office and Bonds
  • Elections Reports (National Association of Secretaries of State)
    Reports about voting, definitions of a valid vote on punch card and optical scan systems, polling place accessibility, recounts, voter registration, etc.
  • Complaints
    • Election Complaints (WI Government Accountability Board)
      Includes complaints about campaign finance activities, candidates' qualifications, and local election officials.

  • Directories
  • Statistics
    • Federal Elections (U.S. Federal Election Commission)
      Campaign finance data for historic presidential & congressional campaigns and political action committee & political party committee activities.
  • Voter ID

    The Government Accountability Board (GAB) has information on voter photo ID requirements and how to get a free state ID card for voting on their Bring It to the Ballot! Voter Photo ID Law information page.

If you need help, the GAB has a voter helpline available for those with questions: 1-866-VOTE-WIS (1-866-868-3947). You can also email your question to gab@wi.gov.

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