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What is the Judicial Council? Why search the JCC? How do I get the full-text of an item?
What is the JCC? How do I search the JCC? Other Sources of JC information.

What is the Judicial Council?

Chapter 392 of the Wisconsin Laws of 1951 created the Judicial Council. The Council was charged to:

“Observe and study the rules of pleading, practice and procedure, and advise the supreme court as to changes which will, in the council’s judgment, simplify procedure and promote a speedy determination of litigation upon its merits. Make a continuous survey and study of the organization, jurisdiction and methods of administration and operation of all the courts of the state, both courts of record and others, the volume and condition of business in said courts, the work accomplished and the results obtained. Collect, compile, analyze and publish judicial statistics. Receive, consider and in its discretion investigate suggestions from any source pertaining to the administration of justice and to make recommendations. Keep advised concerning the decisions of the courts relating to the procedure and practice therein and concerning pending legislation affecting the organization, jurisdiction, operation, procedure and practice of the courts. Recommend to the legislature any changes in the organization, jurisdiction, operation and methods of conducting the business of the courts which can be put into effect only by legislative action”. – 1951 Wis. Laws 392

The 1995-97 biennial budget, 1995 Wis. Act 27, removed funding for Judicial Council staff positions and reassigned the duties of the Judicial Council to the Judicial Commission.

The 2007-09 biennial budget, in 2007 Wisconsin Act 20, restored the Judicial Council’s independence from the Commission, and re-appropriated funding for a full-time Judicial Council Staff Attorney.

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What is the Judicial Council Collection?

The Judicial Council donates its files to the Wisconsin State Law Library (WSLL) ; the files are referred to as the Judicial Council Collection. The Collection contains over 6,400 items and consists of Council minutes, committee records and proceedings, correspondence, and subject materials. Council minutes date from 1954-1972 and Jan. 1983- present. A majority of the committee records, proceedings, and subject materials date from 1970-1995. Correspondence files cover 1962-1995.

WSLL owns Judicial Council biennial reports from 1953-1969, statistical reports from 1952-1969, and other selected reports in addition to the JCC. Contact Reference Staff or search the online catalog for more information about these reports.

Why search the JCC?

The JCC is an excellent source for legislative histories of court-related statutes and rules.  Items within the collection may illustrate intent or discuss issues in connection with these statutes and rules. Items include:  

How Do I Search the JCC?

Note: Judicial Council Minutes and General Correspondence cannot be searched electronically. See Search Tips below for further information.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Evidence and Procedure Committee Insanity Defense Committee Publication of Decisions Committee
Appellate Procedures Committee Evidence: Rape Shield Internal Operating Procedures Conference Publication of Supreme Court Rules Committee
Awards of Appreciation Evidence, Rules of Judge Substitution Records and Forms
Citation System, Proposed Extraordinary Remedies Committee Judicial Council, General Records Disposal
Civil Procedure Committee, Rules of Federal Rules Committee Judicial Rotation Committee Restitution
Contempt and Extraordinary Remedies Committee Federal Rules Subcommittee Jury Communications Small Claims Committee
Court Administration Committee Garnishment Jury Communications. Guilty Plea Subcommittee Standards of Criminal Justice Committee
Court Commissioners Committee General Projects Child/Witnesses Study Juvenile Recoupment State Property Insurance
Court Reorganization General Projects Committee Petitions Statute of Limitations

Court Rules

General Projects Committee, Criminal Appeals Petitions, Regarding Telephone Committee
Disability of Justice Committee Guardian Ad Litem Committee Preliminary Examinations Committee Telephone/Fax
Evidence Homicide   Probate Committee Videotape Statements
Evidence and Civil Procedure Committee Homicide and Lesser Included Offenses   Provisional Remedies Committee Rules of Wisconsin Videotape Procedure
Evidence: Health Care Provider Records Homicide Committee, State Bar

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Other Sources of Judicial Council Materials

The Wisconsin Historical Society also holds Judicial Council materials. The Society has Council minutes from 1951-1959, 1968-1970, 1974, 1978, 1982-1988, and correspondence from 1952-1967. The Society has the Court Reorganization Files dating from 1911-1977 which include records of the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Committee on Uniformity of Courts, 1942-1951. Contact the Wisconsin Historical Society for more information.

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