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Awards of Appreciation Folder: 1 of 1

1. Resolution, Henry A. Hillemann

2. Resolution, Justice Connor T. Hansen

3. Resolution, Justice Horace W. Wilkie

4. Resolution, Judge Joseph W. Wilkus

5. Resolution, Dean George Bunn

6. Resolution, Ernest J. Philipp

7. Resolution, Glenn R. Coates

8. Resolution, John W. Fetzner

9. Resolution, John A. Decker

10. Resolution, James J. Burke

11. Resolution, Robert H. Gee

12. Resolution, James R. Miller

13. Resolution, Robert H. Gee

14. Resolution, Thomas H. Barland

15. Letter of Dec. 29, 1975, to Connie, William and Warren from Richard R. Malmgren

16. Resolution, Reuben W. Peterson, Jr.

17. Resolution, State Rep. Lloyd A. Barbee

18. Award of Appreciation, Senator James T. Flynn

19. Award of Appreciation, John E. Conway

20. Award of Appreciation, Senator James T. Flynn

21. Award of Appreciation, John E. Conway

22. Award of Appreciation, Judge Daniel C. O’Connor

23. Award of Appreciation, Judge Mark J. Farnum

24. Award of Appreciation, Richard Ryan Malmgren

25. Award of Appreciation, Chief Judge John A. Decker

26. Award of Appreciation, Judge Gary B. Schlosstein

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