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Judicial Council Committees

Appellate Procedure

Hon. Thomas Hruz, Chair
Sarah Walkenhorst Barber
Nick Zales
Jenny Andrews (ad hoc)
Karla Keckhaver (ad hoc)
Dennis Meyers (ad hoc)
Jeremy Perri (ad hoc)
Sheila Reiff (ad hoc)


Evidence and Civil Procedure

Tom Shriner, Chair
Sarah Zylstra
Hon. Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
William Gleisner
John Orton
Margo Kirchner
Professor Daniel Blinka (ad hoc)
Professor David Schwartz (ad hoc)


Criminal Procedure

Hon. Robert P. Van De Hey, Chair
Hon. Scott R. Needham
Professor Lanny Glinberg
Margo Kircher
Adam Plotkin (ad hoc)
Randy Schneider (ad hoc)
Kathleen Stilling (ad hoc)



William Gleisner
John R. Orton
Tom Shriner
Hon. Robert P. Van De Hey
Steven Wright


There are also currently two Ad Hoc committees. The Budget Committee is chaired by Adam Plotkin, and the Council Corner Committee is chaired by Margo Kirchner.