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Wisconsin Children's Jury Instructions

Indian child welfare cases: CHIPS and involuntary termination of parental rights

Wis. JI—Children 424 (1/2023)

Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights: "Active Efforts" [Wis. Stat. § 48.028 (4)(e)2.]

Last revised in 1/2023.

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Related Cases:
  • Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl
    133 S. Ct. 2552 (2013)
  • Kewaunee County Dept. of Human Services v. R.I.
    397 Wis.2d 750 (Wis. App. 2017)
Related Statutes:
  • 48.028(4)(e)2.

This instruction is also found in the print edition of the Wisconsin Children's Jury Instructions, volume 1.

Cite this instruction as: Wis. JI—Children 424 (1/2023)

The Wisconsin Children's Jury Instructions are created and edited by the Wisconsin Juvenile Jury Instructions Committee of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference. Instructions include contributions from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, and are used with its permission.

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