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Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions

Crimes against life and bodily security

Wis. JI—Criminal 1209 (2009)

Second Degree Sexual Assault: Sexual Contact or Intercourse Without Consent Causing Injury, Illness, Disease or Impairment of a Sexual or Reproductive Organ, or Mental Anguish Requiring Psychiatric Care

Last revised in 2009.

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Related Statutes:
  • 940.225(2)(b)

This instruction is also found in the print edition of the Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions, volume 2.

Cite this instruction as: Wis. JI—Criminal 1209 (2009)

The Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions are created and edited by the Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions Committee of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference. Instructions include contributions from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, and are used with its permission.

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