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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Library

Are the libraries open to the public?

Yes, all three libraries are open to the public. Check our locations page for our current hours and services. We are also providing access to our collections and reference services remotely.

What are your hours?

Check our locations page for our current hours and services.

Where can I park?

Main Library: Parking Map

Dane County Law Library: Metered street parking is available on W. Wilson, W. Doty, and S. Hamilton streets. The Capitol Square South Parking Ramp is nearby, located on South Fairchild Street between West Main and West Doty Streets: Map NOTE: This is a metered parking facility. Meters take cash or credit cards.

Milwaukee County Law Library: Parking is available in the MacArthur Square Parking Garage under the Courthouse. Enter on James Lovell Street. There is some street parking but it is extremely limited.

What computer resources do you provide?

The State Law Library has six public computer workstations. Each includes access to the internet and to legal research applications. We provide access to Microsoft Word and the Libre Office word processing and office productivity software.

The Dane County Legal Resource Center has two public computer workstations. Each includes access to the internet and to legal research applications, such as Westlaw. We also provide access to Microsoft Word and Libre Office.

The Milwaukee County Law Library has three public computer workstations. Each includes access to the internet and to legal research applications. We also provide access to Microsoft Word and Libre Office.

Can I bring in my laptop and get access to the Internet?

Yes. The State Law Library provides wifi and "wired" access. To use our wired connection, bring a CAT-5 cable or borrow one from our circulation desk. You may attach to our network from any seat or user workroom in the library.

DCLL: Yes, the Dane County Law Library has wifi.

MCLL: Yes, the Milwaukee County Law Library has wifi

Can I print from my computer/device to one of your public printers?

No. The State Law Library does not currently have wireless printing set up. Files may be stored on a portable memory device, such as a flash drive, and transferred to a public computer for printing

What does it cost to print or make copies?

The State Law Library charges $.25/pg +tax to print or make photocopies at the library.

The Dane County Law Library charges $.25/pg including tax.

The Milwaukee County Law Library charges $.25/pg including tax.

Can I watch DVDs and videos in the library?

Yes. The main library has audio/visual equipment available on the second floor of the library near the training room. At this time, we are asking users to provide their own headphones.

The Dane County Law Library has 2 portable DVD players that may be used in the library. At this time, we are asking users to provide their own headphones.

Is there a place I can meet with a client?

Meeting spaces may be limited at this time. Check with the library before you arrive for current information.

The main library has study and conference rooms available. For more information, visit our Room Rentals page.

The Dane County Law Library has several 4-person tables available, some of which are removed from the high traffic area, but does not have any private conference rooms. Any meetings may be audible to other people in the library.

The Milwaukee County Law Library does not currently have a room available for attorneys to use. Some attorneys may meet with clients in the cafeteria

How do I reserve a study or conference room?

For information, visit our Room Rentals page.

Do you have a pay phone?

No. The nearest pay phone near our Dane County libraries is located in the Public Safety Building lobby, 115 W. Doty.

There is no pay phone near the Milwaukee County Law Library.

Library Collection and Borrowing Materials

Who can check out books?

The following are eligible for a library card and may borrow materials from our libraries:

> Judges and Wisconsin Court System staff
> Municipal judges in Wisconsin
> Wisconsin legislators and legislative staff
> Federal, state and local government employees in Wisconsin
> Attorneys licensed in Wisconsin
> Staff of Wisconsin attorneys (authorization required)

How can I get a library card?

Eligible borrowers may get a library card in person at any of our three locations, or by mail. For more information, see our Borrow Library Materials page.

If I'm not eligible for a library card, are there other options to use the library and library resources?

Yes. You are welcome to visit any of our three libraries in person to use our materials. Copy machines are available for your use. All of our databases are available on our public computers.

You may ask at your local public library to borrow materials on your behalf through their interlibrary loan service. Books requested this way might not come from our collection. Your public library will follow its own guidelines when trying to fill your request.

The library also has a document order service where you can request copies from books, databases, or forms to be sent to you by email, mail, or fax. Ask a librarian for help determining which service is best for you

Can we get one card for the law firm?

No. The State Law Library issues cards to individual borrowers. However, you can authorize staff to use your library card. See below for more information.

Can my law clerk or staff use my library card?

We prefer to issue separate cards for staff. Supervisors must notify us that the individual works for you and that you would like a card issued to the individual. Supervisors are responsible for materials checked out by authorized staff. Supervisors may request a card for authorized staff by mailing a letter, sending an email, or calling us. Correspondence must include the name of the authorized staff person, a statement that the individual works for you, and that you would like a card issued to the authorized staff person.

> Mail a letter on letterhead to: Wisconsin State Law Library, Attn: Elspeth Gordon, PO Box 7881 Madison WI 53707.
> Send an email from your business email account to Elspeth Gordon.
> Call Elspeth Gordon at 608-261-7554. You may also call the Circulation Desk at 608-266-1600 if Elspeth is not available.

Who can use the Interlibrary Loan service?

If you are Wisconsin State Law Library cardholder, we can place an interlibrary loan for you.

Can my legal assistant or messenger check out a book under my name?

Yes, with your okay. We prefer to issue a library card to each of your support staff - again, with your prior authorization. See our Borrowing Materials page for more information.

Can you deliver materials to me?

Yes. Our library can identify and deliver most accurately cited legal materials, including copies from treatises, journal articles, and even whole books. Delivery options include email, fax, mail, UPS and FedEx Express. Delivery fees will generally apply, and prepayment may be required. Visit our Request a Document section to place a request

How can I access briefs?

Depending on when the case was decided, you can access briefs on the WI Briefs website (see scope statement at the top of the page), by way of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access (WSCCA) database, at the main library in paper or microfiche, or through our Request a Document service. Please contact the reference desk if you need further assistance.

How quickly does your library get briefs?

The State Law Library receives copies of Court of Appeals briefs about 2 weeks after the case is sent to the district and Supreme Court briefs about 2 weeks after they are put on the calendar for Oral Argument.

You can verify whether the library has received a brief by searching WSCCA, clicking on the "Case History" button from the case's summary page, and looking for the "Briefs Received At State Law Library" event.*

*The library does not retain briefs for cases that are summarily disposed or otherwise terminated

How quickly do briefs go online?

Briefs can be generally be accessed within 2 weeks of e-filing on Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Case Access and 12-18 months after the date of the decision of the case for those found in 318 Wis. 2d forward.

Do you sell statutes and law books?

No. You can purchase the Wisconsin Statutes from Document Sales & Distribution. To purchase CLE (Continuing Legal Education) books and other Wisconsin practice materials, please contact the State Bar of WI.

Computer Legal Research

Can I access the library's Westlaw or Lexis from home / office?

No. You must be at one of the library's public computer workstations.

Services at the Reference Desk

Can you answer questions from the public?

Yes. By statute, the State Law Library is a public library. As such, we provide legal reference services and research assistance in the library, by telephone, fax and email. Please see our Reference Assistance page for more information.

Do you provide legal advice?

No. State Law Library staff are not licensed attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice or interpret the law, nor should any response given be construed or interpreted as legal advice.

Do you have attorneys on staff?

No, see the question immediately above.

Can you recommend an attorney?

Library staff do not recommend the services of a specific attorney or law firm. Please see our Legal Assistance and Hire a Lawyer legal topics pages for links to lawyer directories, the State Bar of Wisconsin's Lawyer Referral Service, and general information on hiring and working with a lawyer.

Can someone help me understand what I'm reading (interpret the law...)?

Library staff cannot interpret the law or determine whether or how a law applies to a particular situation. We can help you find other resources that might provide more information.

I am representing myself in court, can you help me?

Library staff can provide legal reference services and research assistance but cannot assist you with handling your case nor can they give you legal advice. One way that we provide assistance is through our many Legal Topics pages, which are designed to direct you to resources that you can consult on your own as you research and prepare your case.

Can you help me find a form? Can you help me fill out a form?

If you know which form you need, we can help you locate it. Library staff cannot determine which form(s) you need or help you fill out forms.

Can you find a statute of limitations for me?

Library staff can search for a statute of limitations, but we cannot determine whether it applies to a specific situation or when it begins or ends.

Can you search Westlaw or Lexis for me?

Library staff can retrieve accurately cited cases for you on Westlaw or Lexis. Library staff will also perform issue-based caselaw research on Westlaw or Lexis for attorneys.We will show non-attorneys how to perform their own caselaw research using electronic and/or print resources available in the library.

How can I get certified copies?

The State Law Librarian may certify copies of materials contained in the library's collection, pursuant to Wis. Statutes 889.03. The certification fee, currently $1.00, is set by Wis. Statutes 809.25(2).

Contact the Clerk of Court for your county if you need certified copies of court documents.


Library Services

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa or MasterCard. See our Fees & Payments page for more information.

How do I get a billing account?

Firms may set up a billing account for in-library services; the fee is $8 per month paid in advance on a yearly basis. Call to inquire further.

Firms may also be billed for services done through our document delivery service without service fees

How do I find out if my class is approved for CLE?

See the Board of Bar Examiners database of approved CLE courses.

Can I get someone to come in and speak to my group?

The library offers a variety of legal research related programs for different audiences: judges, attorneys, librarians, and the general public. Please contact the library to inquire.

Does the Library accept donations?

Yes. The Library appreciates and encourages gifts and donations of useful materials with the understanding that the State Law Librarian is free to use gifts in the most beneficial or effective way.

How do I place an Interlibrary Loan request?

Please contact the reference desk at 608-267-9696. Please provide as much information as you have.  Title, author, year of publication and edition are most helpful.  Other information, such as the ISBN and publisher is helpful but not required.

What types of items can I request via Interlibrary Loan?

We can place requests for almost any item that another library owns.  The other library decides whether they will send the item.  Frequently, libraries will not loan loose-leaf materials or recently published books. Copies of articles or pages from books may be requested.

How much does Interlibrary Loan cost?

Lending fees vary.  Generally, the lending library charges between $5.00-$50.00 per volume.  However, some libraries loan for free.  When you make your request, please let us know how much money you are willing to pay for borrowing the item.  We will charge you what the lending library charges us.

When will I receive the item from Interlibrary Loan?

Books generally take one to two weeks to arrive.  Copies arrive sooner if sent via email.  Occasionally, the first request for an item goes unfilled ~ none of the libraries on the list will loan it.  In that case, we will resubmit the request to other libraries.  This process may increase the time to three weeks.

How will I be notified when my Interlibrary Loan arrives? 

When the item arrives, we will contact you via the information you provide, generally a phone call or email.

How long can I keep the item? 

Loaning periods from the lending library are generally four weeks.  This means you can usually keep the item for 2-3 weeks, if you pick item up immediately after you are contacted.  Some libraries allow renewals.  Please contact the ILL coordinator if you need to renew an item.

Where should I return the Interlibrary Loan item?

Always return the item to the library where you picked it up (the main library or a branch library of the Wisconsin State Law Library).  Please do not remove any of the book straps on the book.

What if I have further questions?

Please email the reference desk.

How much do you charge?

We charge $10.00 per volume and can bill you via IMF or invoice.  Copy charges are 75 cents per page. Please see our fee schedule for more details

Are you a reciprocal lender?

We have reciprocal agreements with the University of Wisconsin Law Library and Marquette Law Library.

Do you lend loose-leaf material via Interlibrary Loan?

No but we can send photocopies within the fair use guidelines.  We also do not lend rare books, new books, reference titles, periodicals and microfiche.  We will provide fiche to fiche copies and photocopies sent via fax or email per our delivery fee schedule.

I work at another library. Can our patrons contact you directly for Interlibrary Loan?

If your patron needs an article or copies from a book, they can use our order a document service to obtain copies.  Book requests from non-cardholders must come through Interlibrary Loan.

CLE Classes

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