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Finding Forms

Generally, there are two kinds of forms:

  • Pleading & practice
    • Filed in court proceedings
  • Transactional forms
    • Includes contracts, business, real estate, estate planning, etc

Every legal situation varies, so an attorney’s expertise is often necessary to tailor a form to a specific legal situation or to rules of a specific court.

Sources for Forms

  • Internet
  • Books & Other Specialty Materials
  • Court Records

Finding Forms Online

Finding Forms in Books & Other Materials

  • Form books may include sample forms, drafting guides, checklists, clauses, and more.
  • Specialty forms may be found in the library
  • To find books at the State Law Library, start by performing a catalog search
    1. Do a keyword search using the word "forms" and any relevant keywords
    2. Example: forms wisconsin
    3. Search for books on specific topics. Not all books with forms may be found by searching for the "forms" keyword
  • Find a book you want? Contact us for more information or order a document.

General Form Books

Finding Forms in Court Records

  • Court records can include forms filed
  • Sometimes Appellate and Supreme Court briefs include circuit court filings

CLE Classes

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