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WSLL @ Your Service September 2013


What's New - Connie Von Der Heide

Do You Have a WSLL Card?

Every September libraries across the country promote getting a library card. If you're eligible for a Wisconsin State Law Library borrower card but don't have one yet, now's the time! Why register for a WSLL card? Having one allows you to borrow materials from all three of our libraries, renew your materials online, and access our LegalTrac and HeinOnline* databases remotely - from any internet equipped device! (*Some restrictions apply to HeinOnline remote access.)

Signing up is easy - and free! Just go to our Borrow Library Materials page, determine whether you're eligible for a card, and if so, complete the online form. Your card will arrive by mail in just a few days. Or, you may register and receive your card on the spot during your next visit to any one of our libraries. Don't delay - do it today!

Upcoming Classes

Additional information and registration forms are available on our Classes web page.

Using WestlawNext @ the State Law Library
September 11 or 12, WSLL Training Room, Madison
Come see the latest legal research offering at the State Law Library - WestlawNext! Available on public computers at all three of our libraries, WestlawNext is more than just a "new look" for Westlaw. It employs a new search method based on concepts and issues, not just keywords. The look and feel of the new interface makes it more user friendly, and the WestlawNext global search helps uncover sources which are often overlooked or forgotten. This class will teach you how to use the multi-functional search box to find a document and to research an issue. You will learn how to use the new results display and how to sort and filter search results. This class will also show how to verify research using KeyCite, as well as expand research using the new document toolbar and other resources.

The Wisconsin Legislature Web Site: A Guided Tour
September 17, an MLRC program being held at the Milwaukee Public Library
During this one-hour overview of the legislature's website you'll learn how to track legislative activity, locate bills and acts, find committee information, and search the online Wisconsin Statutes. You'll also learn about the Legislative Notification Service and where to find the websites and publications of the various Legislative Service Agencies.

Staff News

WSLL bids farewell to Andy Lang, our part time Library Assistant in the Wisconsin Collections Office and at the Circulation Desk since September 2012. Andy's working on both library science and law degrees at UW-Madison, and we wish him all the best as he focuses on his studies.

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This Just In... - Pete Boll

New Title! Wisconsin OWI Defense: The Law and Practice, by Andrew Mishlove and James Nesci.
Lawyers and Judges Publishing Co., 2013.
WSLL Call Number KFW 2697.8 .M57 2013

Authored by board certified DUI attorneys Mishlove and Nesci, this practical guide written from the defense perspective serves as a "how-to" guide to running an OWI defense practice in Wisconsin. More than a compilation of case law, code and statutes, Wisconsin OWI Defense covers in depth OWI investigations, field sobriety testing, chemical testing, pre-trial motions, plea offers, trial procedures and other key aspects of an OWI defense.

The accompanying DVD includes OWI defense forms covering discovery, motions, pleadings, sentencing, substitution, retainers, and a new client packet - as well as drunk driving studies, articles and videos that provide a detailed look at the manuals used by law enforcement and federal agencies for OWI detection and education.

New Title! Transgender Persons and The Law, by Ally Windsor Howell.
American Bar Association, 2013.
WSLL Call Number KF 4754.5 .H6 2013

This first-of-its-kind treatment of an emerging area of law provides an overview of the laws and landmark court cases involving transgender individuals in a variety of legal situations, including:

  • Housing
  • Military service and benefits
  • Family law
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Personal safety
  • Employment
  • Immigration
  • Criminal justice

Also discussed are the many and various legal documents transgender persons need to understand before filling out paperwork for change of name, birth certificate, and gender identification. An accompanying CD includes legal forms for all 50 states and the District of Columbia for name changes and, for those jurisdictions that allow it, changes to birth certificates.

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Tech Tip in Brief - Heidi Yelk

A Few Handy Gadgets

Pocket "pico" projectors - Compact and easy to carry, these small projectors work with rechargeable batteries and can be used with hand held devices such as smart phones. Most fit in the palm of your hand. For reviews see PC World's Pick a Pico and PC Magazine's Five Best Pico Projectors.

Off Pocket - Popular Science calls this "privacy in a pouch." The Off Pocket is a cell phone case that blocks signals, preventing you from being tracked via your phone. Read more from Popular Science.

Headphone splitters - Listening to music, watching movies and playing games on hand held devices need not be a solitary activity. Head phone splitters allow multiple people to listen via one device. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some allowing up to five headphones. See, in general: headphone splitters.

Powermat 3X - Charge your phone simply by laying it on this charging mat. This device is wireless and compatible with many types of phones and even gaming systems. See this review from Gadget Soup.

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WSLL Recommends: Legal Guide to Human Resources

Legal Guide to Human Resources

Legal Guide to Human Resources provides a comprehensive overview of the law and issues surrounding employment.

Legal Guide to Human Resources

Appropriate for many users, from attorneys to human resources managers to employees, this two-volume set delves into employee protection, selection, appraisal, privacy, promotion, transfer and more.

Several chapters are dedicated to working with employee unions, avoiding unfair labor practices and participating in collective bargaining. Wage laws, benefits, retirement plans and a summary of individual state employment laws round out the content.

Other available titles on human resource management include:

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Odds 'n' Endings - Julie Tessmer

From Typewriters to Twitter

Electric TypewriterElectric Typewriter

In our August column, we highlighted the Wisconsinite who patented the typewriter in 1878.

Recently, library staff came across a small book in the stacks, dated 1971, entitled The Practical Lawyer's Manual for Automatic Law-Office Typing. It includes a detailed introduction "acquainting lawyers with the revolutionary techniques and increased efficiency made possible by automatic typewriters."

Fast forward 42 years, and we're now collecting books on using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and how social media has changed the workplace. Browse our current shelves for these titles:

Notables for September

The Wisconsin Court System celebrates Juror Appreciation Month.
2 - Labor Day was declared a U.S. national holiday by Congress in 1894.
7 - We congratulate Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson on the anniversary of her being sworn in as Wisconsin's first woman Supreme Court Justice in 1976.

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