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Privacy Law

Wisconsin law recognizes an individual's right to privacy. Privacy-related laws may range from employment law to identity theft. Explore our other legal topics research pages for more information or ask a librarian for help to learn more about a specific issue.
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Top Sources
Wisconsin Statute 995.50 Right of Privacy
Wisconsin Statute 942.08 Invasion of Privacy
U.S. Code Title 5 section 552a Records Maintained on Individuals

Popular questions

What does it mean when a court record is "sealed?"

A sealed record means that the Court does not allow public inspection of a record or a piece of information. Learn more about how court records may be sealed in this Wisconsin Court System guide to "How do I ask the court to seal a record?"

I believe someone is sharing my health information without my consent.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has an online complaint process for individuals who believe a covered entity (such as a doctor or insurance company) is disclosing their private information.

Can phone calls be recorded?

We link to resources and laws on our Wiretapping and Taping Conversations research page which explore this issue.



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