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Forms are widely used in the legal profession, ranging from standard Court System forms found online to sample agreement clauses written by experts. Find forms online, or in secondary law sources, like practice-oriented books, treatises, encyclopedias, and articles. Librarians can help you with your research. The Law Library does not provide legal advice, nor should any response given or forms provided be construed or interpreted as legal advice. 
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I need to find a form! Where do I look?

For court matters, first consult the Wisconsin Court System’s standard forms for circuit and appellate court cases. Local courts may have their own forms. Check for specific forms for your county in the Wisconsin State Law Library’s county resources database. Beyond court, there may be other mandatory forms, such as those in the Wisconsin Division of Safety and Professional Services’ real estate contractual forms library. Check the Legal Topic research page to search for forms on a specific type of legal matter.

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s Marketplace on WisBar.org includes a repository of online forms, and Wisconsin Legal Blank sells a variety of forms. Our libraries also sell statewide, local, and other legal forms.

You can also use books, like Warren’s Forms of Agreements published by Lexis, Nichol’s Cyclopedia of Legal FormsWest’s Legal Forms, and American Jurisprudence Legal Forms. Warren’s is available via the Lexis Digital Library with a State Law Library card.


Did you know that some Wisconsin Statutes include form language? These include summons, the Wisconsin Basic Will and Basic Will with Trust, Parental Power of Attorney, and more. To find specific types of forms, look up statutes by topic or check for forms by topic in the Wisconsin Statutes index. Ask a librarian if you need help.


Non-Internet Sources for Locating Forms

  • The WI State Law Library has form books covering many topics. These sample forms may be adapted to a legal situation. Contact us to learn more. We also survey some major book sources on this page.
  • If you need to file a form for use in another state, you may wish to contact the state law library in that state.
  • Courts, government agencies, office supply stores, financial institutions, and more may have or sell forms.
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  • Legal Topics
    Check our legal topic pages first for specific topical forms.
Federal Court Forms

Research links

  • "How To" Family Forms Videos (Milwaukee Justice Center)
    Watch a example of a statewide family court form get filled out. Videos include divorce or legal separation and changing or enforcing a court order.
  • "How To" Name Change Forms Videos (Milwaukee Justice Center)
    Watch an example of a statewide name change form get filled out.

Library books & articles


For legal professionals, secondary sources go beyond academic interest. Practice materials are designed to familiarize attorneys with a particular area of law. These may not always provide in-depth scholarly analysis, but usually contain enough discourse on issues to be helpful to those who are working in that topical area. These often cite to legal authorities, which can be used in research validation. While secondary sources don’t always include sample forms, there are many reliable places to start your search.

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