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Appellate Rules--Proposed Changes, Folder No.:  1 of 1

  1. Committee Report-Recommendations-Revisions to App. Rules, Ted E. Wedemeyer, Marla Stevens, and Matt Franks (May 15, 1998)
  2. December 10, 1998, Supplement to May 15, Committee Report of Recommendations for Revisions to Appellate Rules
  3. handwritten note with names and phone numbers of Ted Wedemeyer, Matt Frank, Mary Burke, Shelley Grogan, and Peg Carlson
  4. Chapter 808 Appeals and Writs of Error
  5. Chapter 809 Rules of Appellate Procedure
  6. Memorandum of November 23, 1998 from Marla Stephens to Ted E. Wedemeyer, Matthew J. Frank, and James Alexander regarding Judicial Council Appellate Issues Committee Proposals. Accompanied by handwritten notes
  7. handwritten notes of 12/13/1998 Council Meeting
  8. Rule 809.11
  9. 1/12/99 handwritten note
  10. Email of February 12, 1999 from Marla Stephens to Mary Burke, Shelley Grogan, Peg Carlson, and Ted Wedemeyer. Accompanied by Rule 809.15(4)
  11. Memorandum of March 19, 1999 from Peg Carlson to Ted Wedemeyer, Marla Stephens, Mary Burke, and Shelley Grogan regarding Redraft of 809.15(4).
  12. Appellate Rules Revisions, March 1999
  13. Email of April 26, 1999 from Marla Stephens to Brian Findley, Joseph Ehmann, Kenneth Lund, and Pat Flood regarding 809.32 Redraft
  14. Email of May 5, 1999 from Marla Stephens to Mary Burke, Pega Carlson, Ted WEdemeyer, and Shelley Grogan regarding Revisions for May 10 Meeting
  15. Fax Cover sheet of May 6, 1999 from Marla J. Stephens to Shelley Grogan
  16. Handwritten notes for 5/10/99 Council Meeting-App. Issues Comm.
  17. Rule 809.15, dated 5/10/99
  18. Rule 809.30(4), 5/10/99 Proposed Revisions
  19. Rule 809.32, 5/10/99 Proposed Revisions, Annotated Version
  20. Handwritten notes, Revisions to Judicial Council for Approval, dated 5/21/99. Accompanied by email of May 28, 1999 from Bill Tyroler to Andre Cornwall, et al, regarding coa case: Klingbeil v. Perschke

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