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General Projects Child/Witnesses Study                        Folder: 1 of 1

1. Testimony on AB 115 Provided to Assembly Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee / prepared by Eileen Hirsch 2. Letter of March 1, 1983, to Rep. Barbara Ulichny from Richard Alan Ginkowski 3. General Projects Child/Witnesses Study 1984-85 Attendance Sheet

3.1 Letter of March 27, 1984, to Senator Lynn S. Adelman from Don Salm regarding analysis of Senate substitute amendment 1 to 1983 Assembly bill 115, relating to rights of child victims and witnesses of crimes

4. 1983 Wisconsin Act 197

5. Burns v. Clusen, no. 83-C-1489

6. Letter of Dec. 31, 1984, to James Fullin from Judge Peter G. Pappas. Accompanied by: John Crewdson and Lynn Emmerman, Children as Witnesses : Double Jeopardy? , Dec. 27, Chicago Tribune, 1 sec. 4 (1984)

7. Shirley S. Abrahamson, Redefining Roles : the Victims’ Rights Movement , 1985, no. 3 Utah Law Review

8. Note of Jan. 1, 1985, to Jim from Thomas S. Williams. Accompanied by Child Sexual Abuse Legal Issues and Approaches , Aug. 1981

9. Letter of Jan. 25, 1985, to General Projects Committee from Jim Fullin regarding videotape depositions and the confrontation clause

10. Note of Feb. 6, 1985, to Jim from Thomas S. Williams. Accompanied by Victim’s Voice v. 1, no. 4

11. Letter of Feb. 13, 1985, to Jim from Marygold S. Melli. Accompanied by State Courts Examine New Hearsay Exceptions for Children’s Claims , 36, no. 13, Criminal Law Reporter 1051

12. Walter Fee, Missing Kids : Many Reported, Few in Danger , Feb. 24, Milwaukee Journal (1985)

13. Confronting Child Victims of Sex Abuse : the Unconstitutionality of the Sexual Abuse Hearsay Exception , 7, University of Puget Sound Law Review, 387 (1984)

14. Christopher B. McNeil, The Admissibility of Child Victim Hearsay in Kansas : a Defense Perspective , 23, Washburn Law Journal, 265 (1984)

15. Tindell v. Tindell

16. State v. Pendelton

17. Witnesses and Oral Testimony

18. Child Sexual Abuse and the Law

19. Various state statutes regarding child testimony

20. Daniel Goleman, Studies of Children as Witnesses find Surprising Accuracy , Nov. 6, N. Y. Times (1984)

21. Gerald R. Miller and Judee K. Burgoon, Factors Affecting Assessments of Witness Credibility , The Psychology of the Courtroom, 169

22. Terry Kaufman, Video in the Courtroom , 1983 California Lawyer, 41

23. Herbert v. Superior Court of the State of California, In and For the County of Sacramento

24. United States v. Benfield

25. Handwritten notes

26. Handwritten notes

27. Bibliography, Videotape and Television in the Courts

28. Globe Newspaper Company v. Superior Court for the County of Norfolk

29. State of Wisconsin v. Kathleen Marie Gilbert

30. Gaertner v. State

31. Ernest H. Short, B. Thomas Florence, and Mary Alice Marsh, An Assessment of Videotape in the Criminal Courts , 1975, Brigham Young University Law Review, 423 (1975)

32. Jolly v. State of Texas

33. State v. Ryan

34. Jolly v. State of Texas, Brief for Appellant

35. Prosecutors recommendations

36. The Child as Witness to Homicide / Robert S. Pynoos

37. Laura Meyers, When Children Take the Star in Court, is Treating them with Kid Gloves the Way to Separate Truth from Fantasy , Student Lawyer, 14

38. State of Wisconsin v. Emilio Padilla

39. State of Wisconsin v. Charles R. Burns

40. Child Witnesses and the First Amendment : a Psycholegal Dilemma / Gary B. Melton

41. David Libai, The Protection of the Child Victim of a Sexual Offense in the Criminal Justice System , 15, Wayne Law Review, 978 (1969)

42. Jacqueline Y. Parker, The Rights of Child Witnesses : is the Court a Protector or Perpetrator? , 17, New England Law Review, 643 (1982)

43. Understanding the Rape Victim : a Synthesis of Research Findings / Sedelle Katz and Mary Ann Mazur

44. Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents / Ann Wolbert Burgess, A. Nicholas Groth, Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, and Suzanne M. Sgroi.   And various other articles

45. Dennis A. Haas, The Use of Videotape in Child Abuse Cases , 8, Nova Law Journal, 373 (1984)

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