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1. Model Penal Code and Commentaries (Official Draft and Revised Comments) : with Text of Model Penal Code as Adopted at the 1962 Annual Meeting of The American Law Institute at Washington, DC, May 24, 1962. Part II Definition of Specific Crimes. (selections)

2. Elements and Relationship of Homicide Offenses Under 1988 Revision of Homicide Statutes

3. Possible Drafting Corrections

4. 1987 Wisconsin Act 332, date of publication April 27, 1988

5. See number 11 below

6. See number 11 below

7. See number 11 below

8. See number 11 below

9. See number 11 below

10. See number 11 below

11. Memorandum of May 10, 1989, to Shaun Haas from Dave Schultz regarding Chapter 948, Crimes Against Children. Accompanied by [formerly nos. 5-10]: ss. 939.09 When Criminal Liability May be Based on Omissions, draft 5/89; ss. 939.24 Criminal Recklessness, draft 5/89; ss. 948.02 Sexual assault of a child, draft 5/89; ss. 948.03 Physical Abuse of a Child, draft 5/89; ss. 948.04 Causing Mental Harm to a Child, draft 5/89; ss. 948.06 Incest with a child, draft 5/89

12. 1987 Wisconsin Act 399, date of publication May 16, 1988

13. Homicide Revision : a Case Study in Substantive Law Reform, draft dated May 18, 1988

14. State v. David Davis, no. 86-1703-CR

15. Homicide Revision in Wisconsin : a Case Study in Substantive Law Reform / by Walter J. Dickey, James Fullin, David E. Schultz, dated September 15, 1988

16. Memorandum of October 13, 1988, to Walter Dickey, Jim Fullin, Frank Remington from Dave Schultz regarding draft jury instructions for new homicide offenses. Accompanied by draft jury instructions

17. Letter of November 2, 1988, to Walter Dickey and Dave Schultz from Jim Fullin regarding comments on Walter’s proposed introduction to homicide article dated September 15, 1988

18. Letter of December 1, 1988, to James Fullin, Jr. from Edwin A. Raney

19. Letter of December 8, 1988, to Nick Chiarkas from Dave Schultz regarding programs on Wisconsin’s new homicide law

20. Wisconsin’s New Homicide Law, New Prosecutor’s Course

21. Wisconsin Lawyer Article, Suggested Title: The 1989 Criminal Code Revision / by Jim Fullin

22. Wisconsin’s New Homicide Law (course materials)

23. Richard W. Jaeger, Portage Man Guilty in Girlfriend’s Death, Wisconsin State Journal, Jan. 14, 1989

24. New Classifications for Homicide, February 1989

25. Wisconsin’s New Homicide Law, dated 2/16/89

26. Letter of April 25, 1989, to Professor Dickey from Jonathan Marsh and Fred D’Amato

27. Letter of April 25, 1989, to Jonathan Marsh and Fred D’Amato from Walter J. Dickey

28. Letter of May 17, 1989, to Shaun Haas from Jim Fullin regarding crimes against children trailer bill

29. Letter of Jim Fullin from Frank J. Remington regarding “your Shaun Haas memo of 5/17/89”

30. Letter of May 23, 1989, to Walter Dickey, Jim Fullin, Dave Schultz from Frank J. Remington regarding “your homicide article”

31. Letter of September 8, 1989, to Fred D’Amato from Dave Schultz

32. Letter of November 29, 1989, to Fred D’Amato from Dave Schultz

33. State v. Ronald E. Seifert, no. 88-1297-CR

34. State v. James A. Oimen, no. 89 CF 88

35. Criminal Negligence

36. State v. Ronald E. Seifert, case no. 88-1297-CR

37. William A. Platz, The Criminal Code , May 1956 Wisconsin Law Review, 350 (1956)

38. Homicide and Related Statutes : Showing how Statutes with Substantive Changes will Read Under the Judicial Council’s Revision of the Homicide Statutes Contained in 1987 Wisconsin Act 399, Effective January 1, 1989

39. Felony Murder

40. New Law Alters ‘Murder’ Charge in Wisconsin

41. “The court in Williquette held…”

42. Materials Relating to Revision of Homicide Statutes / prepared by Statewide Prosecutor Education and Training Program

43. Materials Relating to Judicial Council’s Proposed Revision of Homicide Statutes and WDAA’s Suggested Changes

44. Homicide, Injury & Endangering Safety Offenses

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