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Insurance, State Property       Folder: 1 of 1

1. Property of Judicial Council

2. State Property Insurance Fund, Judicial Council

3. Letter of June 22, 1979, to Richard Malmgren from B. E. Hogoboom regarding policy no. 24

4. State Property Insurance Fund. Accompanied by memorandum from State Property Insurance Fund regarding insurance premium billing

5. Statement of Values

6. State Property Insurance Fund

7. Daily Yellow Transfer Vouchers Processed by Bureau of Finance

8. Memorandum of June 16, 1980, to Richard Malmgren from Bill Johnson regarding state self-funded property program

9. Memorandum of July 14, 1980, to Self-funded Property Insurance Coordinators from William H. Johnson regarding proof of loss statements

10. Property of Judicial Council, July 15, 1980

11. Memorandum of May 6, 1981, to State Property Insurance Coordinators from Thomas W. Robinson, Jr. regarding state self-funded property program

12. Letter of July 1, 1981, to Thomas W. Robinson, Jr. from Lynda L. Jurczyk regarding property insurance : inventory for 1981-1982

13. Letter of Aug. 16, 1983, to Property Coordinators from Tom Robinson regarding state self-funded property 1983-84 inventories

14. 1984-85 Property Inventory and cover letter

15. Letter of Sept. 5, 1984, from Richard R. Malmgren

16. Proof of Loss form

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