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Internal Operating Procedures Conference (Wingspread Conf.)                         Folder: 1 of 1

1. Robert A. Leflar, Internal Operating Procedures of Appellate Courts (1976)

2. Letter of February 10, 1977, to Richard R. Malmgren from Leslie Paffrath

3. Letter of February 15, 1977, to Gary B. Schlosstein from Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson

4. Letter of February 16, 1977, to Gary B. Schlosstein from Chief Justice Bruce F. Beilfuss

5. Letter of February 21, 1977, to Gary B. Schlosstein from Justice Connor T. Hansen

6. Letter of February 22, 1977, to Gary B. Schlosstein from Justice Nathan S. Heffernan

7. Letter to Judge Schlosstein from Justice Robert W. Hansen

8. Wingspread Conference of Internal Operating Procedures of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

9. Address list of speakers and Wisconsin Supreme Court justices

10. Program of April 22, 1977 conference

11. Letter of April 27, 1977, to Robert J. Martineau from Robert A. Leflar

12. Letter of May 6, 1977, to Leslie Paffrath from Richard R. Malmgren

13. Wingspread promotional materials

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