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Records Disposal                                     Folder: 1 of 1

1. Records Disposal Authorization

2. Records Inventory Scheduling Disposition, 1971

3. Letter of May 1, 1974, to Richard Malmgren from Doris J. Hanson regarding review of records disposal authorization

4. Records Disposal Authorization

5. Records Disposal Authorization

6. Inventory of Records Disposal Authorization for 1974 by Department

7. Administrative Practices Manual

8. Information Bulletin of March 1, 1977, regarding Public Records Board

9. Information Bulletin of March 21, 1977, regarding Records Center User Fee

10. Letter of Aug. 24, 1978, to All State Agency Heads from Doris J. Hanson regarding retention of printouts from the state telephone system

11. Disposition of Records Information

12. Letter of Jan. 10, 1980, to Records Management Officers from Carol Leckie regarding users meeting, Jan. 30

13. Memorandum of Nov. 26, 1980, to Records Management Council from Carol Leckie regarding review of service rates for the State Microfilm Lab and State Records Center

14. Memorandum of March 3, 1981, to Records Management Officers from Carol Leckie regarding notice of meeting, 25 March, 1981

15. Letter of Feb. 15, 1984, to Records Management Officers from Dave Bubier regarding RDA inventory list

16. Letter of Nov. 27, 1985, to Agency Heads from F. Gerald Ham regarding scheduling public records for retention and disposition

17. Records Disposal Authorization form

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