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1. Letter of Jan. 17, 1983, to Agency Heads from Doris J. Hanson and F. Gerald Ham regarding forms management status report

2. Memorandum of Jan. 27, 1983, to Records and Forms Officers and Interested Parties from Records Management Section, DOA regarding information

3. Letter of July 21, 1983, to Records and Forms Council Members from Forms Management Standard Committee regarding agency forms management standards

4. Letter of Aug. 19, 1983, to James Fullin, Jr. from F. Gerald Ham regarding forms review and reporting

5. Letter of Sept. 15, 1983, to Records and Forms Officer from Mary Ann Woodke

6. Memorandum of Feb. 15, 1984, to Users of Forms Unit from Jerry Ziegler regarding revision of forms

7. Leave Without Pay Request/Authorization

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