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Finding Wisconsin Briefs

About Briefs and Appendices

Wisconsin appellate briefs and appendices must follow the format and rules of Appellate Procedure in Wisconsin Statute chapter 809.

Briefs contain:

  • The party’s legal argument
  • Applicable statutes & regulations
  • Case law

Appendices (a supplementary document) may contain any of the following:

  • Circuit court decisions & orders
  • Court transcripts
  • Contract or policy language
  • Various types of exhibits relevant to the case

About UW Law Library’s WI Briefs

  • Contains briefs from Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases that are published or unpublished
  • Check the current scope statement at the top of the WI Briefs page
  • Cases appear approximate 12-18 months after the date of the decision
  • Contains briefs from cases that appeared in 173 Wis.2d on (approx. 1992)

Search WI Briefs

  • Search by properly formatted docket number
  • Four-digit year followed by a capitalized AP and the six-digit number, using leading zeroes

About Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access (WSCCA)

  • Contains appellate docket information for cases decided after 1993
  • Provides a case history of filing events, including briefs filed
  • Contains parallel citations
  • Circuit Court number
  • Party and attorney information

Search Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access (WSCCA)

  • Search by Public Domain Citation
  • Reporter Citation
  • Appeal Number
  • Circuit Court Case Number
  • Party Names

Briefs at the State Law Library

  • Briefs from cases prior to 1992
  • Briefs from pending cases
  • Briefs from very recently decided cases
  • You can request copies through our Order a Document Service.
  • Learn more from our WI Briefs page or by checking our FAQs

Available from the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

  • Briefs from Summary Dispositions
  • Briefs from voluntarily or involuntarily dismissed cases
  • Petitions for Review
  • Motions
  • Complete correspondence file

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