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WSLL @ Your Service April 2013

What's New – Connie Von Der Heide

Staff News

Danni Niles Danni Niles, Library Assistant

We are pleased to welcome and introduce Danielle Niles, new full time Library Assistant at WSLL. Danni had previously worked here for about a year as a part time Wisconsin Briefs assistant, and we're very excited to have her back. She brings twelve years of experience working in school, public and academic libraries in circulation, processing, stack maintenance, and serving as a student supervisor – plus retail experience gained while working at the University Book Store in Madison. Among her many and varied duties here at WSLL are processing and shelving new library materials, and working at the Circulation Desk. Welcome, Danni!

We also bid farewell to Kate Roherty, full time Library Assistant at the Milwaukee Legal Resource Center for the past six years. We're sad to see her go, but very happy that she has landed a position as an employee assistance program counselor with a private company in Milwaukee – which she describes as "the perfect job for me." Many thanks for your years of service, Kate, and we send with you our very best wishes.


National Library Week is April 14-20

Help us celebrate National Library Week 2013! This year our theme is "Connect @ Your Law Library," and we've planned some fun and informative activities to help you do just that.

  • All Week - Connect with Your Community
    Contribute to our professional clothing drive. The library will collect gently used items of business attire, including suits, belts, scarves, and shoes. Donations will be taken to the Public Service Committee of the Young Lawyers Division of the Wisconsin State Bar for distribution to local organizations assisting job seekers.
  • YouTubeTuesday 16th and Thursday 18th, 12:00-12:30 p.m.
    Watch a live, online tour of the Wisconsin State Law Library's website and services. We'll post the YouTube URL to these events on our Google+ page at 11:45 a.m. the day of the tour. Bookmark the event pages for Tuesday the 16th or Thursday the 18th and visit the page on the day of the event to watch our tour live. If you follow us on Google+, you can also sign up for an event reminder in Google+.
  • Tuesday 16th, 3:00-4:30 p.m.
    Please join us in the WSLL Reading Room for some fun games and light refreshments to celebrate the week. Are you new to WSLL? We will be happy to show you around while you're here.
  • Thursday 18th, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
    Attend a one-hour CLE class on using WestlawNext @ WSLL. Sign up now! For more information about WestlawNext, please see this month's Tech Tip in Brief column.

National Library Week

Upcoming Classes

In addition to the WestlawNext class being offered on Thursday, April 18, our ever-popular Researching Wisconsin Legislative History class will be held on Tuesday, June 18. For complete information and to register, please visit our Classes web page.

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This Just In… – Pete Boll

Updated! State & Local Government Land Use Liability, Release 15, Jan. 2013, by Michael A. Zizka and Patricia E. Curtin.
Thomson West Publishing, 2013.
WSLL Call Number KF 5698 .Z59

This latest release brings this concise, one volume treatise up to date for 2013. Zizka and Curtin address numerous property issues faced by state and local governments, including:

  • Regulatory authority and limits
  • Land use regulations, permits, and enforcement
  • The municipal attorney's role in land use administration
  • Litigation, municipal procedural defenses, and judicial review
  • Negotiation and settlement
  • Defending against physical and regulatory taking claims
  • Procedural and substantive due process
  • Equal protection, variances, and housing

Updated! Maximizing Damages in Small Personal Injury Cases, March 2013 Supplement, by Ellsworth T. Rundlett III.
James Publishing, 2013.
WSLL Call Number KF 1256.A8 R86

Updated for 2013, Rundlett's treatise provides guidelines, techniques, checklists, and forms to help screen, document, negotiate, and settle or litigate smaller PI cases. It also includes more than 100 custom-drafted checklists and forms to help reduce time and costs. Highlights in the March 2013 supplement:

  • New challenges attorneys face in various situations, including:
    • Large store cases
    • Medical negligence cases
    • Cell phone cases
    • Obtaining medical records
    • Representing elderly persons
  • Factors to consider in accepting cruise ship cases
  • Ten tips on how to deal with client fee problems
  • How to use websites in attorney marketing

New Titles RSS Feed
See our latest New Titles list for a list of new books and other resources.

For assistance in accessing these or other resources, please contact our Reference Desk.

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Tech Tip in Brief – Heidi Yelk


This month, the State Law Library is pleased and excited to announce that we have added WestlawNext to our list of online legal research tools available for in-library use.

What is WestlawNext? WestlawNext is a new platform from Westlaw/Thomson Reuters. Users can search the same, familiar Westlaw content, but in a new way. The WestlawNext search engine uses a method of relevancy ranking. In addition, unless the searcher specifies otherwise, searches are performed across all legal research content in the database. This means you no longer have to select which specific areas to search (case law, statutes, codes, etc.) - WestlawNext searches it all.

Westlaw Next LogoCan I still use Boolean search language? Yes! WestlawNext implements a single Google-like search box, friendly to "natural language" searches. However, a Boolean "terms and connectors" search entered in that same box is recognized as an advanced search.

Will you still have Westlaw.com? Yes! Westlaw.com will remain available on all library PC's that currently have it.

Which library computers have Westlaw.com and WestlawNext? At WSLL, the same six computers that currently offer Westlaw.com also provide access to WestlawNext. The only one that doesn't provide access is the one designated "15 minute terminal."

Can I use WestlawNext at the branch libraries (Milwaukee Legal Resource Center and Dane County Legal Research Center)? Yes! All public computers at both MLRC and DCLRC will have both Westlaw.com and WestlawNext.

Can I use WestlawNext on my laptop? At the Wisconsin State Law Library, WestlawNext is available via WiFi (in the library) for up to two simultaneous users. Ask the reference librarian for an access password and login information. At this time, WiFi access to WestlawNext is not available at MLRC or DCLRC.

Can I email documents I find on WestlawNext? Yes! Users will be able to email most documents found on the WestlawNext platform.

How can I learn more? In celebration of National Library Week, the library is offering a one-hour CLE class on using WestlawNext @ WSLL. Sign up today!

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WSLL Recommends: Will Contests

Will Contests, by Eunice L. Ross and Thomas J. Reid, is a single volume treatise that delves into the "strange hybrid form of litigation" (Ross, 1-3) that is a will contest.

Will Contests book cover The first ten chapters cover substantive issues such as

  • historical background,
  • testamentary capacity,
  • undue influence,
  • other grounds for a will contest,
  • multi-party bank accounts as a lifetime transfer instrument.

The next phase of the book gets into practical considerations for bringing, or defending, a will contest. Pretrial planning techniques and pleadings, discovery and evidence, trial and post-trial practice are all supported by the additional content in the appendices. While the appendices provide helpful practice guides like complaints from 20 jurisdictions, interview checklists, and pattern jury instructions, the supplementary materials are based on a sensational fictional premise. This treatise comprehensively covers all facets of a will contest but does so in a playful sort of way, a throwback to your days in law school when professors invented creative scenarios to test your intellect.

Will Contests, last supplemented in October 2012 and updated annually, is available for check out from the Wisconsin State Law Library location.

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Odds 'n' Endings – Julie Tessmer


While researching titles on wills for this month's WSLL Recommends column, DCLRC Librarian Lisa Winkler came across a bit of Wisconsin lore. Although he denies it, UW law professor William Herbert Page - the author of Page on Wills - is credited with starting the tradition of the UW Law School's annual Homecoming Cane Toss.

Every year since around 1910 (no one is certain exactly when it began), third year law school students have marched onto the football field after the Homecoming game to throw their canes over the goal post. Tradition holds that those who catch their canes will win their first cases after graduation – and those who drop their canes will lose their first cases.

Notables for April

15 – Federal and State Income Tax filings are due. Use our Legal Topics page on Tax Law to access forms, instructions and regulations.

18 – On this date in 1818, land encompassing present day Wisconsin was made part of the Michigan Territory - one step in Wisconsin's path to statehood. Source: On This Day in Wisconsin History

19 – Happy 177th Anniversary to WSLL! For a virtual walk through WSLL's many years of service to the citizens of Wisconsin, visit our History page.

22 - Earth Day - Gaylord Nelson, who served as Wisconsin's 35th Governor (1958-1962) and in the U.S. Senate from 1963 to 1981, is fondly remembered as the principal founder of this annual – and now global – observance, first held in 1970.

Coming up soon…

Mark your calendar to attend Law Day events on May 1st at the Dane County Courthouse.

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