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WSLL @ Your Service May 2014


What's New - Carol Hassler

Welcome Mock Trial Contestants!

The National High School Mock Trial Championship is taking place in Madison from May 8-10. The theme this year is Zombiepocalypse and the case materials are entertaining, peppered with nods towards zombie popular culture. Keep up with events, connect online, and read the case files at the 2014 championship page.

Pages from Wisconsin Public Documents

Wisconsin Public Documents

Recently we improved access to some core Wisconsin public documents collections stored in our Compact Storage shelves. Our cataloger enhanced catalog records for Wisconsin Public Documents and the set's accompanying Checklist, and added a link to the UW's archive of Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin for researchers looking for online access. This collection includes annual and biennial state agency reports from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Historical researchers will love the old photographs, maps, research, and statistical reports issued with the set.

The Assembly and Senate journals and index volumes were also cleaned up and the online catalog records improved.

Google Hangouts on Law Day

For Law Day on May 1st, we instructed our users on HeinOnline in two fifteen minute live online presentations. Watch the archived presentations on Federal agency documents and advanced search tips at our YouTube page.

Holiday Closures

All three libraries will be closed on Monday, May 26th in observance of the Memorial Day state holiday.

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This Just In... - Pete Boll

Updated! Law of Premises Liability, 4th Edition, 2014 supplement, by Glen Weissenberger
LexisNexis, 2014
WSLL Call Number: KF 1287.P3 L31

This concise one volume treatise addresses one of the most prevalent areas of tort law: the liability of owners or occupiers of real property for personal injury sustained by entrants upon the land. The 2014 supplement updates chapters dealing with the duties owed to trespassers, licensees, and invitees as well as harm caused by land conditions. Also updated is the chapter on the liability of dramshop owners, social hosts, and others for harm caused by intoxicated persons.

New Title! Children Held Hostage: Identifying Brainwashed Children, Presenting a Case, and Crafting Solutions, 2nd ed, by Stanley S. Clawar and Brynne V. Rivlin
American Bar Association, 2013
WSLL Call Number: KF 547 .C59 2013

Now completely updated and greatly expanded, the research underpinning the material in this book now focuses on research involving over 1,000 families.

The major issues in confronting the problem of programmed and brainwashed
children has been identification of a child alienated by one parent against the other;
proving it in court; and then finding a solution that not only works, but that a court will
accept. This updated edition of Children Held Hostage explains these issues in detail, with practice-focused explanations for every step in the process.

This edition offers further insights into gender issues and differences. Other new material includes a social-psychological profile of programmers and brainwashers; identification of the most commonly asked questions by judges, target parents, lawyers and children; an expanded social explanation to the causes, impact, and interventions; development of an abductor profile; and the addition of charts to visualize key findings and processes.

New Titles RSS Feed
See our latest New Titles list for a list of new books and other resources.

For assistance in accessing these or other resources, please contact our Reference Desk.

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Start Here: Juries - Amy Crowder

The National High School Mock Trial Championship will be held in Madison on May 8- 10. To continue our Start Here focus on trials, we developed a list of jury-related materials in our library collection. Start Here guides provide quick topical access to books and videos so visitors can browse the collection with a list of top materials already in hand.


Various topics related to juries can be found within our Federal practice materials beginning with KF8836. Search the indexes. Other jury and juror information can be found at KF8971.

Wisconsin TitleWinning the Jury: How to Be More Persuasive
KFW2942 .C45 2007

Wisconsin TitleWisconsin Pleading and Practice
KFW2930.A65 B725

Wisconsin TitleWisconsin Practice Series
KFW2930 W6

Grand Juries

The topic of grand juries is discussed within a number of our general Federal and Wisconsin practice sets, in addition to the following titles:

Federal Grand Jury Practice and Procedure
KF9642 .D53 2012

Grand Jury Law and Practice
KF9642 .G73


Wisconsin TitlePattern jury instructions for the Federal circuits, including the 7th circuit, are located in two different call numbers areas. Civil instructions are located in KF8984 and criminal in KF9682. Be sure to also look in subject-specific areas of the library.

Federal Jury Practice and Instructions Multi-volume set containing both civil and criminal instructions. Set is accompanied by the Federal Jury Practice and Instructions Companion Handbook.
KF8984 .D4

Modern Federal Jury Instructions This six volume set contains both civil and criminal instructions.
KF9682 .A65 M64

Wisconsin TitleWisconsin Jury Instructions, current and superseded

Jury Duty

Wisconsin TitleJury Service in Wisconsin
KFW2942 .J8 2004 DVD

Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizen's Guide to Constitutional Action
KF8972 .F47 2013 Dane County Legal Resource Center


Goldstein Trial Technique
KF8915 .G63

Jury Selection: The Law, Art, and Science of Selecting a Jury
KF8979 .G63

Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection
KF8979 .F73 2005

Trial Techniques and Trials
KF8915 .M381 2013


National Jury Verdict Review and Analysis
KF1256 .A15 N2

Personal Injury Valuation Handbook
KF1256 .A8 P47

Verdicts, Settlements and Tactics
KF1256 .A15 V57

Wisconsin TitleWisconsin Verdicts and Settlements
KFW2942.4.A53 V47

Start Here guides

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Tech Tip in Brief - Heidi Yelk

Choose Privacy Week

Choose Privacy Week icon: camera lens as eye imposed on United States

May 1-7 marks the fifth annual "Choose Privacy Week," an initiative by the American Library Association (ALA) to promote privacy awareness and encourage citizens to examine how their personal information is shared and disclosed.

The ALA offers a host of activities including a free webinar on Monday, May 5 from 2-3 p.m. (CST) entitled "Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts." designed to examine online surveillance and provide practical tips on protecting privacy.

Throughout the week online forums at chooseprivacyweek.org will feature topics of national security, privacy for children, privacy for incarcerated youth, and adult privacy concerns.

Choose Privacy Week social media outlets include @privacyala on Twitter, Choose Privacy Week on Facebook, and the Choose Privacy Week Blog. In addition, watch for information from the friends and allies of Choose Privacy Week.

Privacy activities and recommended reading:

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WSLL Recommends: Prosecution and Defense of Civil Forfeiture Cases

Book Cover: Prosecution and Defense of Civil Forfeiture Cases

Prosecution and Defense of Civil Forfeiture Casesprovides detailed coverage of the history and use of forfeiture as an economic crime-fighting tool by law enforcement. Author David B. Smith begins by examining the role of forfeiture in the United States, with an emphasis on legislation and case law since the 1970's.

Smith provides a hypothetical walk-through of a typical civil forfeiture case, including commencement of proceedings, pretrial proceedings, trial, and defenses. The nature and scope of criminal forfeiture is addressed in the second volume of this 2 volume looseleaf set. Some chapters include sample forms. While there is an emphasis on federal statutes and case law, state law is also included with special attention to New York, Florida and Texas statutes. A detailed index, table of cases, and table of statutes serve as finding tools.

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Odds 'n' Endings - Julie Tessmer

Fun Facts about Juries

  • Each year approximately 3 million people are called for jury duty in the United States. Out of those, only about 1.2 people end up serving on a jury for a variety of reasons. For instance, President Barack Obama was called for Cook County, Illinois jury duty in 2010.
  • The first woman to receive a jury summons was a schoolteacher named Eliza Stewart in 1870 in the Wyoming Territory which had just granted women the right to vote.
  • In Ancient Greece the normal size of a jury was about 500 people. The jury in Socrates' trial found him guilty on a vote of 280-220.

Sources: QI.com; Chicago Tribune; American Juror

Staff Picks for the Best Jury Movies

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