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What's New - Kristina Martinez

National Library Week

National Library Week will be held April 10-14 at the David T. Prosser Jr. State Law Library in Madison. Join us for a CLE class on Monday (Public Records) or Wednesday (Wisconsin Legislature Website), a special presentation from Ballotpedia on Tuesday, and stop by on Thursday from 1 - 3 pm for coffee and a slice of pie. Visit our Library Highlights page to register for classes and plan your trip to the State Law Library.

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This Just In - Carol Hassler

New Edition! Real estate transactions system, Seventh edition, by John. L. Horwich and others
State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE, 2017
Call Number: KFW 2512 .H643

This book divides real estate transactions into a seven step process and is designed to be used alongside standard Wisconsin real estate forms. Consult this book for residential real estate, condos, vacant land, commercial property, land-contracts, and option to purchase transactions. Sample clause language and line-by-line explanations are included throughout the book.
The new edition includes:

  • New and revised forms
  • EPA's clean water rule
  • Wisconsin Attorney General opinion on the DNR's authority to regulate high capacity wells
  • Recent court opinion on "as-is" clauses
  • Instructions on making listing contract forms comply with new disclosure language

New Title! How to succeed as a trial lawyer, Second edition, by Stewart Edelstein
American Bar Association, 2017
Call Number: KF 8915 .E34 2017

This concise book provides practical advice for new or practicing trial lawyers and includes simplified checklists at the end of every chapter. Chapters include:

  • Working with clients, paralegals, witnesses, colleagues, co-counsel from other firms, opposing counsel, judges, jurors, and others
  • Legal writing tips
  • Discovery rules, e-discovery methods, and deposition procedures and strategies
  • Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Court appearances, including tips for oral arguments, opening and closing statements, and model plaintiff and defendant commercial cases
  • Guidance for pursuing both success and balance in work and personal life
  • Common ethics problems

new book shelf
New Titles RSS Feed See our latest New Titles list for a list of new books and other resources.

For assistance in accessing these or other resources, please contact our Reference Desk.


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Tech Tip - Heidi Yelk

Alarming Options

alarm clock

We've come a long way from the "one size fits all" buzzing alarm clock. If you're looking for an alarm that fits your wake up style, consider the many alarm clock apps available for your smartphone.

Need to ease out of bed? Try Gentle Alarm (Android), Zen Awake, Rise, or Rise & Shine (iOS). These apps start with soft sounds which get progressively louder. The screen can be set to low light and gets brighter as you wake up.

Need to get your mind working? I Can't Wake Up (Android/iOS) and Timely (Android) can challenge you with a math problem or puzzle which must be solved before the alarm can be turned off. Want to add some annoying sounds to the mix? FreakyAlarm (iOS) includes irritating noises, along with mind puzzles.

Really can't get out of bed? Walk Me Up (Android/iOS) forces you out of bed and into walking. The phone counts a certain number of steps before the alarm will shut off. Alarmy (Android/iOS) uses a photo match test. Choose an item far away from your sleeping area (the kitchen sink, the stairs) to use as the target item. The alarm requires you to take a matching photo of that item before it can be turned off.

Readers, how do you wake up? Do you rely on your phone alarm, or a purchased app? Or are you still loyal to your clock/ radio alarm? Write to Kristina.martinez@wicourts.gov and share your preferred or unique method to waking up!

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Odds 'n' Endings -Carol Hassler

April Fools Day

This year we posted a few April Fools stories to our blog. We hope you enjoy them!

Grand Canyon

Several years ago a library user asked me to confirm a story they'd heard. "There's a newspaper article," they told me, "that proves the ancient Egyptians sailed up the Grand Canyon and stored gold and sarcophagi in vast caves along the Colorado River." They had a vague date - early 1900's - and knew it had been printed in an Arizona newspaper. I searched the library's subscription newspaper database and found the article: Explorations in the Grand Canyon, published in 1909 in the Arizona Gazette. I pointed out that the article was published on April 5th - awfully close to April Fool's Day. The library user didn't care, though. They left happy, newspaper article in hand.

The unusual questions are always the ones that stay with you. A few years later I was resting on the top of a rock feature in Sedona, Arizona and overheard one passing hiker excitedly telling their companion about the lost caves full of Egyptian riches. I smiled when I heard that and thought, I have a citation for that. In ensuing years this article cropped up over and over again. I found a great discussion of it in the Grand Canyon Historical Society's The Ol' Pioneer newsletter, w`hich talked about the tradition of hoaxes and April Fools jokes, and speculated about the publication date of the article.

Do you love reading about jokes and hoaxes?

For the more serious among us, searching HeinOnline, Index to Legal Periodicals, and Westlaw for "april fools" turns up several examinations of the tradition, and the associated legal issues that can sometimes accompany hoaxes.

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Image credits: alarm clock, Grand Canyon

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