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  • Child Support Agency
    (715) 479-3705
    Services to help you establish or enforce child support, set up income withholding, intercept income tax refunds, get liens against property, collect child support from a parent living in another state, and establish paternity. Child support lien docket
  • Circuit Court
    (715) 479-3638
  • Clerk of Courts
    (715) 479-3632
    Court forms; court records for civil, criminal, family, traffic and ordinance cases; civil judgment and lien docket; pay fees online; jury information
  • Corporation Counsel
    (715) 479-3714
  • County Clerk
    (715) 479-3600
    Marriage licenses, elections and voter registration, and county government records
  • District Attorney
    (715) 479-3614
  • Family Court Commissioner
    (715) 369-6152
  • Juvenile court
  • Register in Probate
    (715) 479-3642
    Adoptions, civil commitments, estates and trust, guardianship and probate
  • Register of Deeds
    (715) 479-3660
    Birth, marriage and death records; real estate records; termination of decedent's property interest; and register firm names
  • Sheriff's Department
    (715) 479-4441
    County law enforcement; operation of the county jail; execution or service of legal documents including restraining orders, evictions, repossessions, and foreclosure sales; execution of criminal warrants

Legal Assistance Organizations

  • Aging and Disability Resource Center
    (800) 699-6704
  • Judicare
    (800) 472-1638 Legal assistance for low-income individuals. Handles cases involving bankruptcy, social security and SSI, family law, health, housing, income maintenance, wills, and Indian law.
  • Lac Du Flambeau Domestic Abuse Program
    (715) 588-7660
    Assist individuals in obtaining TRO/Injunctions in domestic abuse cases, and attend court proceedings with victims.
  • Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Inc.
    (800) 236-1222 or (715) 362-6841 Provides shelter, crisis intervention, and support services for victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse and their families.
  • Tri-County Foreclosure Mediation Program
    (715) 369-6240 Assists homeowners facing a mortgage foreclosure action in Forest, Vilas, and Oneida Counties. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where the homeowner and the lender seeking to foreclose may discuss ways to resolve the foreclosure case, including reinstatement of the loan and modification of the loan terms.
  • Victim/Witness Assistance Program
    (715) 479-3614 Provides assistance, support and notification services to crime victims and witnesses in exercising their rights throughout the prosecution of criminal and juvenile cases.

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