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WSLL @ Your Service December 2009

What’s New – Connie Von Der Heide

Carol Hassler an Unsung Heroes Nominee

Jane Colwin, Carol Hassler, and Amy Crowder
From left: Jane Colwin, Carol Hassler, Amy Crowder

For the past four years the Wisconsin Law Journal has sponsored Unsung Heroes awards to recognize the contributions of law firm administrators, law librarians, paralegals, and others who perform supporting roles in the legal profession. This year’s law librarian nominees included our own Carol Hassler, webmaster and cataloger, who was recognized for her outstanding leadership in the redesign of our website. http://wilawlibrary.gov

Here’s an excerpt from Carol’s nomination letter, submitted by Amy Crowder, Director of Web & Bibliographic Services, Julie Tessmer, Deputy Law Librarian, and Jane Colwin, State Law Librarian: “Carol led a team of four WSLL staff members through the year-long process, using her considerable web design expertise to allow the library to take a [major] step forward in the web services it offers to its users. … Web designers do their work very much “behind the scenes” and Carol is no different. But the results of her leadership and work are out there for everyone in the legal community to see and benefit from every day.”

All of this year’s nominees were honored at a luncheon and awards program held at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee on November 13. We congratulate Carol, and also the other law librarian nominees: Jennifer Dedolph, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, and Diane Duffey, Habush Habush & Rottier, who received this year’s award in the law librarian category.

Happy Holidays!

WSLL staff will host our annual winter holiday open house on Wednesday, December 16, 3:00-4:30 p.m. in the Reading Room. Please join us for some light refreshments, games, and conversation. The library is located at 120 MLK, Jr. Boulevard in downtown Madison.

Upcoming Library Closings

The Wisconsin State Law Library and the Dane County and Milwaukee Legal Resource Centers will be closed on the following state holidays: December 24, 25, 31, January 1, and January 18 (MLK, Jr. Day).

Upcoming Classes

Lawyers and Social Media
Tuesday, Jan.12, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Wisconsin State Law Library

Are you sold on social media? How are lawyers using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media tools? This class will explore the basics of social media for lawyers and delve into marketing strategies and ethical issues surrounding Web 2.0.
Fee: $99. 3 CLE credits applied for. Registration is limited to 8. Register Online | Print Registration Form

Using Loislaw.com @ the State Law Library: How Does It Work?
Wednesday, Feb. 17, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m., Wisconsin State Law Library

Here’s an opportunity to become more familiar with the various Loislaw.com databases provided on the WSLL’s public access computers, and how they can save you research time and money. Learn the basics of searching and printing while exploring primary law of all state and federal jurisdictions. Tired of slogging through print digests? There’s a better way!
FREE Class. 1 CLE credit applied for. Registration is limited to 8. Register Online | Print Registration Form

Watch, Learn, and Listen with WisconsinEye
Wednesday, March 17, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., Wisconsin State Law Library

WisconsinEye has been dubbed "Wisconsin's C-SPAN," providing live coverage and archived video of various government happenings. The website and television channel are valuable tools for anyone following state and local government. In this one-hour educational session, Christopher Long, CEO and President of WisconsinEye, will discuss the history and mission of the network, lead a tour of the website and take questions pertaining to this unique service. Legislative hearings, floor sessions, Supreme Court oral arguments, local public board meetings and news conferences are just some of the offerings on WisconsinEye. Join us to learn about these and more!
FREE Class. 1 CLE credit applied for. Registration is limited to 20. Register Online | Print Registration Form

Wisconsin Court System Website: New Features, Old Favorites
Wednesday, May 12, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m., Wisconsin State Law Library

You’re invited to a FREE one hour workshop on the Wisconsin Court System’s website! This class will introduce and demonstrate how to find and navigate the many useful sites and sources on the court’s web page. Learn about finding information for court users as well as trial, appellate, and supreme court records, online forms, E-filing, briefs online, RSS feeds and more.
FREE Class. 1 CLE credit applied for. Registration is limited to 8. Register Online | Print Registration Form

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This Just In… – Pete Boll

This month we feature books on the how-to’s of legal practice.

New Edition! The How-to-Win Trial Manual, by Ralph Adam Fine
4th edition
JurisNet, 2008
KF 8915 .F56 2008

This newly revised fourth edition by Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge Ralph Adam Fine sets the standard for practical advice on how to win trials. Fine examines details of some of the most famous recent trials from Enron to Martha Stewart, to O.J. Simpson. He then explains where the attorneys went wrong and how they should have done it in order to be successful. According to Fine, an attorney’s most powerful tool is the jury’s belief that the lawyer knows the truth of the case. Among other tactics, this belief can be shaped by posing questions on both direct-examination and cross-examination in such a way that the jury will know the answers before the witnesses respond.

New Title! How To Get & Keep Good Clients, by Jay G. Foonberg
Foonberglaw.com, 2008
KF 316.5 .F66 2008

Marketing veteran Jay Foonberg gives time-tested tips and systems for long-range and immediate marketing success. Foonberg’s practical advice encourages different marketing approaches in order to develop a winning personal style. This practical information can be put to use right away. Many suggestions are intended to grow practices and improve the way day to day business is conducted. The end result hopefully is a more client-focused, efficient, and profitable practice.

Foonberg’s tips include:

  • "Foonberg's Favorite 51 Rules of Good Client Relations for the Busy Lawyer"
  • "How Turning Down my First Case Led to 19 Cases"
  • "How to Handle People Who Hate Lawyers or the Legal System"
  • "Fee Allocation Formulas to Encourage Marketing"
  • Numerous sample letters, homespun advice, and personal experiences, written in Foonberg's straightforward, no-nonsense style - and much, much more!

New Titles RSS Feed
See our latest New Titles list for a list of new books and other resources.

For assistance in accessing these or other resources, please contact our Reference Desk.

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Tech Tip in Brief – Heidi Yelk

iPhone vs. BlackBerry: The battle for market share among lawyers

Forget Word vs. WordPerfect. The new battle among tech tools seems to be iPhone vs. BlackBerry. BlackBerry has long enjoyed popularity among attorneys. However, with a new iPhone release and new legal apps, attorneys are taking another look at the Apple product.

Data released via the ABA’s 2009 Legal Technology Survey Report, indicate that 67 percent of respondents have a smartphone available through their firm. Of those responding, 64 percent were using the BlackBerry; 14 percent the iPhone and 13 percent the Palm Treo.

Whether you are looking to replace your current smartphone or considering your first purchase, here are some resources to aid your decision-making.

  • National Technology Roundtable: The Rise of the Smartphone. A roundtable discussion from the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine, January / February 2009. This article provides basic discussion on what a smartphone is and how lawyers are using it.
  • Unlock the secrets of your smartphone from the June 19, 2009 issue of The Lawyers Weekly. If you’re not sure how you would utilize a smartphone in your daily practice, this article provides an extensive list of possibilities.

The following articles are available full text to WSLL library cardholders, via LegalTrac:

  • “Smartphones,” ABA Journal 95.3 (March 2009), p18. A side-by-side comparison of features on BlackBerry Bold and i-Phone.
  • “Eyeing the office: with its new iPhone release, Apple ups the ante in its battle against the BlackBerry,” American Lawyer 31.10 (Oct 2009), p69.
  • “Down to business: once all about fun, the iPhone is now making inroads at law firms. Can it challenge the ubiquitous BlackBerry?” American Lawyer 31.3 (March 2009), p55.

To dive into the debate, check out the numerous postings on the web.

Finally, if you’re not using your smartphone for legal research, you’re not alone. Again, according to the ABA’s 2009 Legal Technology Survey Report, fewer than 19 percent of respondents indicate that they “regularly” use a smartphone for legal research.

If you’re interested in using your smartphone for legal research, check out the following:

Print what you like

A snappy tool brought to my attention by our State Law Librarian is Printwhatyoulike.com.

This free tool helps you print only the sections of a webpage that you really need. It saves paper because you can choose not to print the images or the banner ads, etc.

A very quick one-time registration is required. At this time, it does not work with all webpages - PDFs, jpg, .gif, and .png are not compatible.

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Odds ‘n’ Endings – Carol Hassler

I Heard It From Wisconsin.gov

I visit Wisconsin.gov to find important and timely information from Wisconsin agencies. At press time, their home page includes links to:

Also, be sure to check out their thorough list of online news from Wisconsin agencies.

I Heard It On Twitter

Follow Twitter updates from Federal agencies or get a bird’s eye view (ha ha) from nextgov’s clouds of top tweeted words from select agencies.

I heard it from a:

December Notables

15th – Bill of Rights Day. Visit our Constitutions page for links to the full text of the Bill of Rights and commentary.

16th – Open House at the Wisconsin State Law Library

22nd – Winter Solstice

24th & 25th – Wisconsin State Law Library, Milwaukee Legal Resource Center & Dane Co Legal Resource Center closed

31st & Jan. 1st – Wisconsin State Law Library, Milwaukee Legal Resource Center & Dane Co Legal Resource Center closed

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