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WSLL @ Your Service  no. 5, May 2001 
An E-publication of the Wisconsin State Law Library

Focus On: Legal Resource Index

Do you want to locate articles on a legal topic? Do you have an incomplete journal citation? Have you read something in the Wisconsin Lawyer but forgotten which issue? Do you want to know what articles your colleague has published in the last decade? All these questions, and more, can be answered by using Legal Resource Index.

What is it?

Legal Resource Index (LRI) is a licensed database that indexes over 800 legal periodicals and newspapers. Updated monthly, LRI currently contains over 900,000 citations to articles published after 1980. While the citations themselves do not provide full text, the State Law Library subscribes to many of the titles indexed by LRI and can provide copies of articles for a fee. For more information contact the Wisconsin State Law Library Reference Dept. at 800-322-9755 or via email.

Who may use it?

LRI is available to Court staff as well as to those with library cards issued by the Wisconsin State Law Library, Dane County Law Library, or Milwaukee Legal Resource Center. Temporary access is also available. Contact Wisconsin State Law Library Reference Dept. at 800-322-9755 to apply for a library card or to inquire about temporary access.

How do I use it?

LRI may be searched by Keyword, exact Title of an article, Author, Journal Title, a combination of an author’s last name and a few words in the title, or by Library of Congress Subject Headings. Search hints are tailored to each type of search and appear below the search box.

Identifying articles on a topic in LRI is best accomplished by using a keyword search. Search hints for keyword searching are especially important. Remember: a keyword search retrieves only those articles with words in their titles that exactly match your search terms. If you retrieve too many hits, you may want to Limit This Search. For example, to limit your search to articles published in 2000 and 2001, choose: Year of publication After 1999.

If you need to locate an article you read a while ago, first decide in which journal you think it might have appeared. Select Journal Title and enter the name of the journal, eg.,  wisconsin law review (no caps or punctuation needed). Then select Limit This Search. Depending on what you remember about the article, your next choice might be Words in the TITLE or just YEAR of Publication. If you know the article was published within the past few months but you don’t find it in LRI, it may not yet have been indexed.

How can I compile an electronic list of my citations?

You can email your citation list to yourself. When you find an article you want, click Export. When you are ready to email yourself the list, select Export Saved List. You will see Your List of Saved Records and have an opportunity to remove records. Enter your email address in the box labeled Mail To. Alter the Subject box if you wish and Submit.

Need help using LRI? Please call the Wisconsin State Law Library Reference Dept. at: 800-322-9755.        -- Elaine Sharp

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